Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday - the "Do Everything" Day

Thursdays are my "do everything" before the weekend day.

On this day of the week dinner is usually light with no heavy cooking involved. Tonight it was a nice big salad with grilled chicken on top, grapes, walnuts, croutons and dressing. I did steam cauliflower and made some Texas toast.

The real reason behind "do everything" Thursday is because I don't do housecleaning and laundry on weekends unless there is an emergency. Weekends are my time off and my family time with my husband and children. It's sacred to me and I do not let "non family" things get in the way. So while Thursdays are a major rush for me I love to do it because it means that I have finished all of my household chores for the week and that means I can finally relax.

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