Saturday, July 7, 2007


So many people are ranting about getting married today on 7-7-07. This leads me to blog about my own wedding date which is 2-2-02. I got a lot of rolled eyes and "awes" from various friends and family when I told them that I was getting married on this date. It was purely accidental too.

We got engaged on August 19, 2001 and then started looking for a wedding date that would be suitable. We figured it would be on a Saturday. We started looking for places to have the ceremony and reception and found that we wanted an outdoor wedding.

This narrowed the window of good dates down considerably because of the awful heat that arrives in April and doesn't leave until November. It was also risky in March and April because of the potential for Spring showers. That left us with December, January and February. We didn't want to do December because of the Christmas holidays so close by so we decided on January or February. We found an old opera house that we fell in love with to have the ceremony and when we sat with the wedding coordinator for the house the only date open for us was February 2, 2002. We looked at that date and laughed. What a coincidence! Greg would surely never forget that one.

And that was how we chose the date or rather I feel like the date chose us without us realizing it. We never figured it would symbolize good luck because I don't really believe in those types of superstitions but it was something cute to talk about. I believe that the good luck happened on October 16, 1999 when I had my first conversation with Greg and realized that my life would be changed forever.

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