Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Do Everything" Thursday

Today is going to be another installment of Do Everything Thursday. As previously reported I have made it my personal habit of making Thursday my catch-all for everything I did not get done during the week. It makes my weekend so much more relaxing and pleasant with no more rushing here and there to do errands.

I have decided that I will post every Thursday on my progress and goals for Do Everything Thursday. I figure that this will help me stick to the goals and track my progress.

My goals for today are as follows:
Grocery Shopping for the week
All dishes from the dishwasher get washed and put away
All laundry is done including sheets and towels. This includes folding and putting away
Quick vacuum of the rugs and sweep and mop floors
Reconcile any banking for the week
Run 3 miles

Have a great weekend!
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