Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happiness Is Tied To.....

I love this story.

It's how I have been feeling lately...happiness with my husband and kids but also happiness with myself. It's such an important message to busy moms (and dads!)....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Week At A Glance

I have decided to check in with myself each week to share some random thoughts and some not-so random thoughts..

This week's activities - Well, tonight I am treating my two older boys to a Miami Heat game. It's a long overdue Christmas present that I have been promising them. Tonight they retire Alonzo Mourning's jersey. The rest of the week we have four baseball games, a soccer game, CCD, and I am going to a home party with my SIL where we hopefully get to eat free food (or portions of food). I have two workout sessions planned. My husband is going to do his first triathalon Sunday so we are going to the beach on Saturday so he can test out the ocean water and I can get a glowing tan. On Tuesday night, my husband is attending a college financial workshop at my son's high school.

In school - Princess is learning her single digit subtraction and taking her class photo. The older boys get their report cards and both will have straight A's in the same semester. That has never happened EVER.

Working Out - Back to the grindstone after two days off. Two days is a lifetime when you are training so it's gonna be a tough week this week. I have a Thursday bootcamp and Saturday training session. I will have to do an hour of cardio on Friday to catch up.

At Work - Work is always busy especially in the current environment..tough economy, lots of high electric bills, hot months quickly approaching, and a stimulus bill that will bring weatherization to our state. It will certainly bring a spotlight to us.

Blogging - I am still developing my new blog and will be unveiled as soon as it is complete. I can't wait for this exciting new challenge.

Here is a picture I am sharing.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Blog Is Coming

I've got a new blog coming and I am really excited about it. I got the idea a few weeks ago...actually it's a blog I started awhile back but then never kept up. But this time it is going through a major facelift and I retooled and am excited about the prospects. The theme of the blog is organization and I am going to focus it around parenthood and working and having kids and all that good stuff that makes many of us feel disorganized. So many times I get asked how I work and take care of four kids and keep a clean house and keep myself going. I feel flattered that my friends and coworkers ask me and I enjoy giving away my secrets and some of my non-secrets.

I have developed certain patterns and habits over the course of my entire adulthood and some habits go way back to my early childhood (yes I was organizing my room when I was a little girl, go figure!). But they have never been as noticeable to me since when I had my first child over 16 years ago. Back then I was a nervous new mom and I asked my own mom how I would ever do it. Her one reply was "you have to get organized." And my first thought was "oh I can do that" and thus set off my internal philosophy that in order to have order you must set the wheels in motion to get there and create habits to keep you there.

Or course every so often I fall off the wagon and find my house in utter disarray but I can assure you I am not comfortable in that kind of zone. It is not usually long after that I go into purge or organizing mode.

So many tips and tricks have been learned along the way. I have often felt like I could write a book and maybe will do that one day. But a blog is something I can do for now and fulfill the part of me that likes to blog and also fulfills the need within me to share a little bit of myself and my lessons learned.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's All So Confusing

I think I really got sucked into this whole world of social networking. At first, a few years ago, I didn't know much about it until the tragedy at Virginia Tech happened and that was when I learned about Facebook. Facebook was the social medium that students used to keep track of who survived the tragedy. So I was curious and signed on. I didn't do anything with my account and never really thought about it until the middle of last year when a relative "friended" me and I signed back in (after trying to remember what my password was) to "friend" him back. I can't remember if it was then that I started toying around more with facebook. I do remember that it was during the presidential campaign because I was interested in the political aspects of being on facebook (groups, friends who had similar political interests, etc.). Facebook has really bloomed since those days and I really enjoy it. I have connected with family members that I have only seen once or twice in my life and now "talk" to them every day on facebook. It's a fascinating medium and one of the only ones I used. Until Twitter.

I started using twitter because everyone was using it and I wanted to figure out what the big deal was with twitter. I signed up for an account and am now up to over 80 followers and I am following over 100 people. Some of them I know. Some are famous people and policial/news organizations. Some are complete strangers. But now I am equally hooked on twitter. It doesn't stop there either. I am hooked on tweetgrid, tweetchat, tweetboard...it's all good and fun. You can even buy a twittershirt.

Then there is linkedin, stumble, and digg. I better quit while I am ahead or I will not have any time left in the day for my "real" work.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whirlwind Of Activity

These past few weeks have just not calmed down at all which is one of the reasons I have not been on my blog to give any kind of updates. Right now it seems I experiencing my own "perfect storm" of activity that has not let up and doesn't seem to be letting up at all in these next few weeks.

After my first jewelry show (which went really well and beyond my expectations), it feels as though God doesn't think I have enough to do so He upped the ante on me. My high schooler started his baseball season and my middle schooler started his track and baseball seasons. In the meantime my precious princess started soccer and is getting ready for her dance recital. Good thing my tiny man doesn't have a schedule or I would be completely bonkers.

At the same time that I am experiencing all sports coming together at once, my gym decides to run an outstanding special on personal training which is good for me because I need it badly (20 lbs must be lost of my body before beach season) and they are running good ads I am thinking because of the slow economy. So now I injected another committment into my busy schedule.

In the midst of all this, my work life seems to have gone on steroids. It is so crazy busy here at work because of a myriad of reasons too numerous to mention but I can summarize by saying that I drove over 700 miles in these past two days! And it probably won't let up anytime soon.

Did I mention that this past weekend I watched as my #2 child was confirmed. I wished I could have spent more time on the luncheon afterward but instead threw together some lunch items and a chocolate cake. It must have gone well because everyone raved about my chicken salad (which took no time at all and I might post the recipe one of these days). The cake was out of the box and the icing was a chocolate ganache (melted chocolate chips, whipping cream, and butter). Oh, how I long for the days when my sister-in-law and I had sooo much time on our hands that we actually enrolled in a cake decorating class. Of course that was B.C. (before children) and I wouldn't exchange those kids for anything (except maybe a few minutes of extra sleep in the morning). Here is a photo of the proud day. It's my son with my brother who was his sponsor. I love this picture.

And just when I seem to have a spare moment in the schedule something comes in to block it...like the dentist, getting my hair cut, getting my son registered for high school, making cupcakes for the church carnival, sorting out my scrapbook photos, and organizing every room in my house!

I think I know my problem....I told someone once recently that I like being busy. It keeps me on my toes and active. Watch what you wish for....
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