Monday, March 30, 2009

Week At A Glance

I have decided to check in with myself each week to share some random thoughts and some not-so random thoughts..

This week's activities - Well, tonight I am treating my two older boys to a Miami Heat game. It's a long overdue Christmas present that I have been promising them. Tonight they retire Alonzo Mourning's jersey. The rest of the week we have four baseball games, a soccer game, CCD, and I am going to a home party with my SIL where we hopefully get to eat free food (or portions of food). I have two workout sessions planned. My husband is going to do his first triathalon Sunday so we are going to the beach on Saturday so he can test out the ocean water and I can get a glowing tan. On Tuesday night, my husband is attending a college financial workshop at my son's high school.

In school - Princess is learning her single digit subtraction and taking her class photo. The older boys get their report cards and both will have straight A's in the same semester. That has never happened EVER.

Working Out - Back to the grindstone after two days off. Two days is a lifetime when you are training so it's gonna be a tough week this week. I have a Thursday bootcamp and Saturday training session. I will have to do an hour of cardio on Friday to catch up.

At Work - Work is always busy especially in the current environment..tough economy, lots of high electric bills, hot months quickly approaching, and a stimulus bill that will bring weatherization to our state. It will certainly bring a spotlight to us.

Blogging - I am still developing my new blog and will be unveiled as soon as it is complete. I can't wait for this exciting new challenge.

Here is a picture I am sharing.

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