Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday Morning MeMe

'cept it's Wednesday evening and so explains my week so far.  It's a busy week.  St. Patrick's Day is coming Saturday and today is National Pi Day.  Tomorrow is the Ides of March. Ah, my parents would be so proud of remembering all that.  Here is what is going around in my meme world

Around the house - we are still recovering from a horrible car accident last week.  Knees are still swollen but I am reminded of the simpler things in life as a certain teenage boy's "glue" bandages peel off.  I am also reminded constantly of how special my kids are to me and how scared I was just one week ago.

What my kids are doing - See above.  It's all about a fresh look at life for me.  Nuff said.

I'm noticing - that no matter how many times I say I shall go to bed early tonight I never do.  I wonder why.

I am proud of - The fact that I actually remembered to blog this week though a few days late and that I actually remembered that Pi = 3.14.  It's been a simple minded week. What can I say?

On my table - Home cooked meals.  Let's see how I do the remainder of the week.  Leftovers are a working mom's best friend.  So is Chinese takeout.  ::grin::

Did you know? - I am doing a new "Love is" series on my facebook account.  I wanted to do something cute and cheeky to reflect actual occurences going on in my life.  Check it out and friend me if you aren't one already.

Good thoughts - There is nothing sweeter than loving texts from your teenage boys.  Yes they really do love us.  There is also nothing sweeter than little kids who want desperately to run and jump onto you to give you hugs and kisses.  Pure heaven.

Happy Week!
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