Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Blog Is Coming

I've got a new blog coming and I am really excited about it. I got the idea a few weeks ago...actually it's a blog I started awhile back but then never kept up. But this time it is going through a major facelift and I retooled and am excited about the prospects. The theme of the blog is organization and I am going to focus it around parenthood and working and having kids and all that good stuff that makes many of us feel disorganized. So many times I get asked how I work and take care of four kids and keep a clean house and keep myself going. I feel flattered that my friends and coworkers ask me and I enjoy giving away my secrets and some of my non-secrets.

I have developed certain patterns and habits over the course of my entire adulthood and some habits go way back to my early childhood (yes I was organizing my room when I was a little girl, go figure!). But they have never been as noticeable to me since when I had my first child over 16 years ago. Back then I was a nervous new mom and I asked my own mom how I would ever do it. Her one reply was "you have to get organized." And my first thought was "oh I can do that" and thus set off my internal philosophy that in order to have order you must set the wheels in motion to get there and create habits to keep you there.

Or course every so often I fall off the wagon and find my house in utter disarray but I can assure you I am not comfortable in that kind of zone. It is not usually long after that I go into purge or organizing mode.

So many tips and tricks have been learned along the way. I have often felt like I could write a book and maybe will do that one day. But a blog is something I can do for now and fulfill the part of me that likes to blog and also fulfills the need within me to share a little bit of myself and my lessons learned.

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