Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer Days and Summer Nights

I often hear Northerners describe the coming of Winter as very depressing...How Halloween usually marks the start of this depressing time where the air gets bitter cold, the leaves are done falling, and the grass starts turning brown. I could never relate to that having lived in Florida my whole life. Winter is the season we look forward to...a relief from those long, hot summer days.

For me, the approach of Summer is probably as depressing to me as Winter is to the Northerners in a very similar fashion. Days are longer which means that the heat lasts as long and the humidity does wonders to those natural curls that you work so hard on every day to straighten. The mark of the start of heat is usually Easter Sunday where we traditionally hunt for eggs in the yard on Sunday morning just as that hot sun is baking off in the distance and I turn to Greg and say "Winter is over!" and give him the high five because that means we now have to go back to mowing grass every week instead of every other week. Oh the joys of Summer.

Today was more of an exception to the rule. Greg had a grandious plan of taking the little ones to this really cute water park about 5 minutes from our house. I proclaimed how much fun that sounded and then retreated to my inner self that worries about skin cancer and the chlorine that harms my chemically treated highlights. Not to mention the fact that there would surely be long lines to get in and move around and I am finding that as I approach middle age, I am much less tolerant of long lines than I used to be.

Still we went and the little ones were excited. When I got to the water park I was surprisingly calm and easy going. I promised not to let the little stuff bother me. In all actuality I had a really good time and I didn't worry about the highlights or the over exposure to the sun. Too bad because within the hour the lightning showed up and the park closed. We got rainchecks so we can come back again! Yippee!

I am trying to change my views on the outdoors especially for this time of year. But it's hard to change after 41 years. ;)

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Little K said...

I can relate to you. Even though I'm a 'Northern Person' I look forward to the winter: the cold, the hot chocolate,and the beautiful snowstorms. I'd much rather shovel snow than bake in the heat and humidity.

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