Sunday, July 8, 2007

LIfe is just a bowl of....earwax?

This morning Jack woke up crying his eyes out. Instinctively I thought something was wrong because this is not the easygoing "lay in my crib quietly until Mommy comes in to get me" kid that I know and love. Today was different. He was unhappy and irritated about something.

When I went into his room he put up his arms that only my 20 month old can do and said "Mommy!" As I picked him up I noticed him tugging at his ear. This is the right ear which is on the same side as his new black eye. As any mother will tell you, a tug on the ear equals ear infection. The irritability supports that.

So, there I was to the pediatrician's weekend clinic. I can't think of anything more fun.

When we got there the doctor was great. He looked in his ear and proclaimed "I can't see a darn thing in there...too much earwax." Ugh. What does that mean? Surely he didn't mean that we were actually going to have to remove the pesky balls of unwanted wax? Didn't I have enough on my hands with a moody, black-eyed towhead with an earache? Now we have to compound that with the dreaded EAR WASH! (If you have never had an ear wash I certainly won't describe it to you but to tell you it is pretty gross). The ear wash was completed and the pebbles of wax fell out. Thank Goodness! And the doctor saw no sign of ear infection. He did say to watch it for the next 48 hours just in case he continues to do the ear tug.

And that was how I spent my Sunday morning. How did you spend your Sunday morning?

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