Monday, July 30, 2007

The Early Bird

As I have posted before I have reached a crossroads in both my career and my life in general. I want to make some changes and if you have known me for more than 5 minutes you know that this is not unusual. I am continually looking to make adjustments, improvements, goal changing. I am going through yet another phase of this.

I think it all started with that one day a few years ago when I was turned onto real estate investing. It seemed like a natural fit. I have since done a few lurative deals but have recently reached a stumbling block...the equivalent to a writer's block to a writer. I don't know what it is but I am seeing a psychologist, I mean "life coach", because of it. It is helping because after seeing her for a few weeks I am back in the saddle. I wonder if that is good timing considering the last week on Wall Street but I have to give it a try.

More on the psychologist (life coach) later.

I am surfing a lot more on the internet trying to explore myself and the whole improvement thing with my life. I stumbled onto a blog that is full of helpful hints and read a few. One of them is the art of waking up early in order to maximize the tasks for the day. The idea is that you wake up earlier than the household and get much more done sans kids gripping onto your leg wanting you to sit down to watch the latest installment of "Barney goes on a trip to Pluto" circa 1993 that I have seen a few hundred times already.

For the past week I have done just that. I was waking up at 6 am. It was working. I was taking quick showers and retreating to my office to do work that I usually put off until 11 pm. I was enthusiastic about it. I forced myself to go to bed at 10 pm. This wasn't so bad. Until last night. I totally forgot about my "new habit". I guess it isn't a habit yet if I can forget so easily. I got all caught up with a CNBC show "The Millionaire Inside You" show that was on at 10 pm. It ended at midnight. When I shut off the TV I realized I missed my new goal and forgot the habit. I have much work to do.

I sure am glad that I have an appt with my "life coach" tomorrow.

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