Thursday, July 12, 2007

Running Like the Wind

I have not officially started my marathon training regiment even though I probably should start working on that. But it has been a few months since I have hit the pavement. Summer is such a bad season for running because it is so humid outside and takes a special kind of endurance.

My goal today was 2 miles and I did it with few problems. In fact I am pleasantly surprised at how well I was doing with respect to my cardiovascular area. It's my knees that bother me and at 41 that's not a big surprise. The knees are getting old and creaky and I guess it didn't help that I didn't stretch. I despise stretching.

The iPod helps a lot and this is a very important part of the routine. In fact I am very selective in the order in which I hear very specific songs that I have ordered in my iPod so that I will hit them at specific points in my run. I have never divulged the contents of my iPod because there is such a wide range of music. I will say that the music is not necessarily my favorite songs or favorite groups. Rather it is a collection of songs that I think get me to run faster and harder and that's my main objective.

When I run, no matter how long, I envision my race. I put myself in the moment. I daydream of how it will be when I run the half-marathon...what the other runners will look like...will there be many there that will have never run a half before like me...will there be people clapping and cheering and will that even matter to me...will I laugh at the end of happiness or cry out of exhaustion...will they say my name as I cross the finish line...will I even remember the finish line? I don't really have those answers but I do know what I imagine in my head of what that day will be and it's what will keep me going as I start my training program.

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