Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Preschool Prep

Last night we attended an orientation to meet our little princess' new VPK classroom and teacher. According to the state, VPK stands for Volunteer Pre Kindergarten program. According to us it stands for Very Perfect Kid.

I don't mean that in a literal sense because I will never admit to anyone that any of my kids are perfect. In fact they are far from perfect. They have many flaws just as every other kid on earth.

But perfect to us means something far different. Perfect to us means perfect FOR us. Her entrance into the world was everything coming full circle. I already had two boys and was sure that she was going to be another boy. It never really crossed my mind that she would be a "she". But there she tiny little princess. She was perfect for her dad as he never quite imagined having his own little girl. She was perfect for me because of the opportunity I have to establish the same type of mother-daughter relationship that I shared with my own mother. She was perfect for the boys because,, because they had a new doll to play with. Sometimes I think she just ends up getting in their hair.

The good news is that we couldn't be more pleased with the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten for our "Very Perfect Kid".

1 comment:

Cindy said...

We think she's pretty perfect as well! And let the record show that Aunt Cindy and Ryan were the only ones convinced you were having a girl!

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