Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lost Highway

Last weekend someone really sweet gave me the new Bon Jovi CD called "Lost Highway." I have to say that I love, love, love this CD especially the title track. .

Hey, hey, I finally found my way
Say goodbye to yesterday
Hit the gas there ain’t no brakes on the lost highway
Yeah I’m busting loose, I’m letting go
Out on this open road
It’s independence day on this lost highway.

When I was in college my friends and I would analyze song lyrics trying to make sense of them. But for a long time I stopped doing that. Now I just enjoy music by the way that it makes me feel when I sing it or blast it in the car. That's what this song does to me...makes me feel carefree and invincible.

Besides that it is sung by one of the sexiest men alive (#2 to my dear H) in my very humble but absolutely precise opinion.

But my opinion was not just recently developed. That happened long ago way back when I, too, had big hair. You see, big hair was not just reserved for rock bands. We all had it. It was like a disease. You weren't cool unless your hair was big and I always worked on getting mine to be really big. I remember when I first started to like Bon Jovi and I actually was envious of their hair.

But now I have come to like Jon Bon Jovi no longer for his hair (because he cut it back in the 90s) but because he is a genuinely nice guy and I love his music and his music is stuff that my kids can listen to without giving me a heart attack.

And now there is a new song to add to my crazy list of iPod songs called "Lost Highway." It will go right behind "Story of My Life", "Bad Medicine", and "Complicated" some of the band's lesser known songs that I love adoringly.

Rock on Bon Jovi!

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Anonymous said...

wow...what a great and thoughtful person that was...she sounds like someone with very good taste!!

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