Friday, August 10, 2007

Curl Up With a Good Book

Today is Friday so that means I will be getting ready for another marathon reading weekend. I have created this reading habit on the weekend without really meaning to. Here is how it happened.

Driving home on my long vacation trip from South Carolina to Florida in early July, I got so bored that I decided to open a book that I took along just in case that would happen. The book was called "The Lovely Bones". I had heard of it on a Today Show book club review a few years ago and bought the book. But I never opened it and it sat in my drawer. I have always meant to read it but in all honesty I rarely read fiction and reading in general has never been my interest.

On the trip home I started reading the book and found myself enthralled. I couldn't put it down. I was disappointed at each rest stop when we had to eat or do something that would force me to put it down. By the time I got home a new love grew inside of me. I started blogging about it and then I decided to put a link on my blog as to the latest book I am reading.

When I got home I saw another book in my office that a coworker loaned me called "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood". I couldn't tear myself away from that one either. I finished it up the next weekend.

A few days after that my sister-in-law told me about a book she was reading called "Momzillas". I checked it out of the library and decided to read it the following weekend. I loved that one too.

During the week I was searching on the internet for a local networking group in my area and when I googled the search one of the top sites that came up was "The Ft Lauderdale Girls Book Club". What a coincidence. I clicked on the site and started reading. They were 40+ members strong and do more things than just reading. They have an event every month such as potluck dinners, wine tasting, cruises around the intracoastal, etc. They also have monthly meetings to talk about the book of the month. I joined and am waiting my first meeting to get the book for next month.

As I was looking through their website I noticed that one of the books they read in the past was called "The Undomestic Goddess." I figured that even though the club already met on it maybe I should read it just in case they make a comment on it at some future meeting. I checked the book out of the library and it also became my next weekend book. I also completely fell in love with Sophie Kinsella. I am now on my second book from her called "Confessions of a Shopaholic." It will be my weekend book for the weekend coming up.

I have finished a total of 5 books so far since the beginning of July and I feel so accomplished in this area. I stumbled upon a love that I never knew I had and learned of this new genre called Chic-Lit that I never knew existed.

What is more important is that by taking my weekends to involve myself in a good book I feel rejuvenated and calm. I actually take the time to relax, read quietly, laugh within the book and dream little dreams. My imagination takes me places that I always wished I went and I feel the anxieties of my normal life subside. I look forward to my weekends now because I know that means a new book I will have read and enjoyed.


Cindy said...

Oh, welcome to this wonderful world that I have been living in all my life! I'm so glad you are here and can enjoy and relax. Great post, by the way!

Terry said...

Well, I just finished the book I was supposed to finish this weekend but now I am moving onto another one.

WendyWings said...

You know they start filming the Lovely Bones shortly right.
I read it about a year after the rest of the world did as well so don't feel too bad.
I just did a post on the casting which is how I stumbled on your blog btw ,have a nice day.

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