Thursday, August 9, 2007

Adventures in Mall Shopping

I believe that there are two kinds of women...those who love mall shopping and those who loathe it. No matter how hard I try I think I end up in the latter category. I do give it the ole college try but often find myself frustrated afterward and wonder why I have provided myself with endless hours of torture only to remind myself of my debts and other financial committments.

Originally I went to the movies with my teen and tween but after the movie was over they asked me if we could pass through the mall that was beside the movie theatre. Reluctantly I gave in because of certain fears and overall pessimism due to my past mall experiences. Today would prove to be no different.

Once entering the mall from the 100 degree heat I was rather pleased that the air conditioning provided some relief. It wasn't until we started walking along that I was accosted by one of those kiosk workers insisting that I go over and try on some makeup. "Do I look that bad that a perfect stranger has to suggest to me that I need to wear makeup" was what I was thinking. It then dawned on me....I WAS wearing makeup! Sigh. I quickly move along and politely say no thank you.

We are walking along very nicely...Kenneth Cole (nice), some really fancy jewelry store, Foot Locker, then in my sight...HELLO KITTY! I LOVE Hello Kitty. Oh, I wish I were young again. I would totally get into the whole Hello Kitty thing. The line of purses and backpacks are too precious. And they don't just come in pink anymore. There is plaid...a rich dark blue and red plaid. And then there is Chococat which is a line of dark brown and beige similar to Burberry. How delicious! I walk in and get some really great ideas for Christmas gifts. The mall shopping is starting to look up.

We keep moving on passing many kiosks in the middle when another kiosk worker jumps in front of me asking me to try their latest product. I look over and see that it is know, the acne face products that Jessica Simpson touts? Oh great...not only do I have poor makeup on but now I have a face full of zits? I run over to a mirror and look and say to myself "no zits but I see a new wrinkle." What?

Moving along. We pass by many more stores and I do more window shopping while the boys run in and see the latest sportswear. Geez, these malls are filled with so many sneaker stores just enough to max out mom's credit card.

We turn around to head out of the mall and to the car. I think about the experience...the makeup lady, the zit medicine lady, the overpriced sneaker store. Even Hello Kitty cannot turn my mall experience around. I think I will go back to my online shopping.

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