Thursday, August 2, 2007

Help Me With My Addiction

My name is Terry and I am an addict. Hi Terry

What is your addiction, you ask? Diet Coke

Seriously. It's my only vice. And I have to nix it and soon. I am trying to get my body prepared for marathon training. Yes I am a psycho-masochist if there is such a word. For some strange reason my psychiatrist, coach, thinks I need to step out of my box so what could be more out of the box than pushing your body to do something that it was never intended to do. Running for almost 4 hours straight. Well, the brighter side is that it is going to held at Walt Disney World which is technically the happiest place on earth. I will let you now how happy I am on marathon day.

Back to the Diet Coke. You see I like Diet Coke. Correction, I love Diet Coke. Further correction, I cannot live without Diet Coke. I have heard it is not good for you. Something about heart disease and rats. But seriously, I think it will slow me down in my training. Never mind the fact that I run slower than a snail. I am certain the cause of the problem is the diet coke. So I have to quit but I am not sure how to do it.

Here is my daily diet coke ritual.

  • Morning diet coke - when everyone else is drinking coffee I am grabbing for the silver can. But I need my caffeine.
  • Lunch diet coke - I need something to get me through the humdrum salad sans dressing because a leafy greens with no dressing is good for my marathon running.
  • Mid-afternoon diet coke - this is a must if I am going to get through the rush hour traffic in Miami, the city formerly known as the Land of Road Rage.

I will take any and all suggestions on what I can do to kick this habit. And while you are at it, any suggestions on how to pick up my running pace? It would be awfully embarrassing if Mickey and Friends were to pass me by at mile marker 20.


Cindy said...

Where's the evening with dinner Diet Coke? I have no suggestions for you - here's hoping you can kick the habit! Can you send all of the Diet Coke's you have left over to me?

Cindy said...

And BTW, you're wiggin me out with all the name changes! Can't keep up with you!

Cindy said...

I was coming here from my bloglines to let this person know that my sil was going to be running in the same marathon - imagine my surprise to find out it's you!

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