Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Love My Dad

That may be an obvious statement but I love my dad a lot and since today is Father's Day I felt it was a good time to make this post. I remember a lot about my Dad growing up. I remember when he put up an above-ground pool in our backyard and I remember him repainting it when it "rusted out". I remember when he would pull out his 8 mm camera with the huge lights at Christmas time and when we came out of our rooms to "pretend" we were just waking up we would immediately be blinded by all the stage lights. I remember when my Dad grounded me for coming home past my curfew right when I was set to get my drivers license and he made me wait it out for 2 more weeks. I remember when I hit my head against the sharp corner of a chair and bled profusely on his shirt. I remember he helped to dry my tears while my mom compressed ice and a paper grocery bag against it (the grocery bag helped to ease the bleeding, I guess). I remember his corny jokes and when I would roll my eyes he would remind me that I will probably be the first to repeat the same joke the next day (which I usually did). I remember when he clapped loudly as I received my college diploma. I remember him being really strong on the day that my mom died. I remember so many things too numerous to mention here but I am glad that they are all in my head where they always manage to make me smile.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Beautiful tribute to a really great guy.

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