Friday, June 29, 2007

Relaxation is underrated

Today I felt really relaxed. It is nice every once in a while to be able to take a day or two and sit back and basically do nothing...follow no schedule...don't look at a clock and just go with the flow. I do that so infrequently that when I do it it is a strange feeling...almost uneasy as if I am doing something wrong or illegal or sinful. It's like being on a diet and stealing an ice cream bar from the freezer. It's like splurging on an expensive facial of ingredients made of mango, guava and sea salt. It's like buying a really nice pair of Manolo Blahnik stilletos right before the mortgage is due. Ok, maybe I am getting carried away but you get the point.

It isn't often that a mother of 4 can get a break from the organized routine of breakfast at 8, lunch at noon, naptime at 1, dinner and baths by 8:30, bed by 9. So on those few days in the year known as vacation the breaks from routine are nice.

Don't tell that to Jack because he is the king of routine! I can tell you how I managed to get him trained for his many routines but that's another blog. Let's just say that it took me 4 kids to finally figure it out.

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