Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dare to Dream Just a Little

Every year when we come up to Lake Keowee, Greg and I marvel at all of the beautiful homes being built on amazing lake lots with breathtaking views of the lake and the Appalachian Mountains. And it is every year that we dream just a little bit of how wonderful it would be if we owned one of these lots and how amazing it would be if we built a vacation home on it and was able to have it as a retirement home or a place where we could bring our children and our grandchildren one day.

Here is what I envision in my head.....

We usually go looking on the internet for lots nearby within a reasonable person's price range. (Lake Keowee lots are going for .5 million and up and that is only for the lot!). We look for homes that we would love to build and we talk about what they would look like. We imagine the amenities at such a place and the beauty that would surround it.

.....and then we come back to earth.

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