Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bear B-ankie

My 14 year old son has a bear b-ankie (as opposed to blankie but when he first could say the word blankie he couldn't pronouce the L so it became a b-ankie). So when I asked my older boys to pack up their backpacks with clothes and DVDs for our car trip next week to South Carolina I found my 14 year old stuffing his b-ankie in with his other important stuff. Here is how it went.

Me: "Must you bring bear?"
Him: "Bear goes everywhere with me on all of our vacations. I don't want him to be lonely here all by himself".
Me: "But he will not be alone, he will be with the other bear b-ankies in the house".

Just then I had a revolt on my hands. "You mean the other bear b-ankies are staying home too?" I found all 4 kids running at me that we can't possibly leave all bear b-ankies home alone. They might start a bear b-ankie party or maybe they will all be scared if it rains or there is lightning.

Hmmmm...suddenly all the bear b-ankies are now being talked about as if they are real people. It hit me that in my kids eyes they ARE real people. They are THEIR friends and companions. The b-ankies help to comfort them during thunder storms or when they feel bad or are crying over something.

The worn and tattered b-ankies are important and have lives of their own and if they are a source of comfort to my little babies who are also growing up we can surely find room in the car not only for my 4 kids but for all 4 bear b-ankies.

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