Saturday, June 23, 2007

Convalidation Final Episode

We just came back from the convalidation. It was really nice. Very basic ceremony. Fr OReilly read a really nice scripture and then we did our vows and he blessed our rings. He pronounced us man and wife. He let us share a kiss and he then congratulated us. Later on we were talking about it. The basics of the marriage ceremony and how different weddings can look on the outside while being so basic on the inside.

We stood at a kneeler and Jack and Kelly were kneeling on it. That felt a bit strange...saying your vows with your two youngest children at your feet. I felt a bit regretful that Kevin and Ryan could not be there. It's a long story but I only have one more Saturday this year with them and I gave them a choice to be at the convalidation or use it as a weekend where we could go somewhere as a family. They chose to be together on a family weekend vacation. We did explain to them what we were doing and they seemed to be happy for all of us.

Now that this chapter of my life is wrapped up it feels good to have completed the journey.
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