Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Days I Fall Short

I woke up this morning and felt a stiffness in my neck area. As I got out of bed, I felt the muscle shoot a pain up and down my entire left side. Ahhh, the blessings of getting older. Muscles don't rebound like they once did so now I was left to deal with a stiff neck.

As I got my two youngest ones out of bed and into the kitchen area for breakfast they ultimately started fighting over my daughter's newest "Hannah Montana" doll. So much fighting, carrying on, wailing and crying. I could not process it all at 7 am. So I bark at them to stop fighting and just eat your cereal.

What a great way to start a morning.

As I go back to get myself ready for work, I stop by my computer and check up on my bloglines and I see this new post.

In spite of running late, I sit down and read. It's a great read and perfect for my morning of screaming at my littlest ones. As I am reading I am noticing that they are eating away at the table and finally quiet. Re-thinking my approach I go back over to my daughter and get close to her and down to her level and give her a hug. Instead of snapping at her for delaying getting dressed, I ask her to help me pick out what she is going to wear today. Delightfully, she jumps up and runs with me to her closet and happily picks out her clothes. She happily puts the clothes on and gleefully runs back to the table to finish her breakfast and somehow I feel less stressed because the dressing was so much less stressful than I anticipated it to be.

Maybe there is something to this post. Maybe I should re-read it and blog about it and remind myself that I am not perfect and my stiff neck hurts like a &%$#@ but nothing that a few Aleves can't take care of.

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