Friday, February 1, 2008

Finding Your Love

I remember about eight years ago when I was dating this guy. We were really on and off breaking up two or three times that year. I was a total schizo about the whole situation. I was raising two small boys on my own and living out of a small 700 sq ft apartment. There was no place for them to run around. I could barely pay my bills. Things were tight. And as for my romantic life I had this guy in it who just wouldn't quit no matter how hard I tried to run from him. I was nervous about the whole blended family situation. This guy has little experience with small children and he kept promising a future that would be "super easy." I had lots of doubts.

I couldn't picture it. After all, he votes Democrat and I vote Republican. No way that can mix well. And then he came to my doorstep with a magazine article about him and her and I had to laugh.

If they can do it, so can we. Tomorrow will be 6 years into our marriage that gets better and better with each challenging day. My life feels so complete now that he is in it.

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