Monday, February 4, 2008

Perfectville Population: 1 Founded: 1972

For those who are not Miami locals or maybe are not interested in football perhaps you are not familiar with the town of Perfectville, population 1, founded in 1972.

You can see it all here.....

As a Miami fan for all of my life and as a girl who was going to marry Bob Griese one day, it pained me to have to hear all over TV and on the radio how the 1972 Dolphin players were a bunch of grumpy old men who are really depressed now that their perfect season would have to be shared by the New England Patriots.

The reason it bothers me is not because of Tom Brady and his cocky, smirky attitude and the way he saunters around as if in slow-motion. It's not because he has been referred to as having the "perfect" life filled with money, fame and supermodels. Never mind the fact that he has a child on the opposite coast and I wonder how much he gets to see of that child. Doesn't sound perfect to me. Anyhow, it's not because of the cheating allegations or the fact that the head coach has the personality of a noodle.

It bothers me because a lot of people seemed glorious about taking away credit for doing something so many years ago and that perhaps with time these accomplishments that were once considered great and special somehow become less great. I think that is a bunch of hooey (is there such a word?). Why is that? When I listened to the 1972 Dolphin players talk they are not grumpy rather protective of something that they are proud of. Nothing wrong with that. Why does it have to be that the Patriots perfect season was deemed a better perfection than the 1972 Dolphins. Why couldn't they both be great in their own rights and at their own time frames?

Why is it all or nothing?

That said, today I am a huge Eli Manning fan for being the guy to wipe that smug smirk off Tom Brady's face and for exposing Coach Bill-whatshisname for being the poor sport that I always knew he was.

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