Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheap or Smart?

I am a mystery shopper. I have blogged about it here many times.

I love to mystery shop not because of the free stuff but because of the evaluation portion. Ok, it's neat to get free stuff. I am a true consumer and also aim to help Joe American by instructing big brass on how to improve service.

So in December I was assigned to be an evaluator at a 5 star restaurant on South Beach. I was excited because this restaurant was not only beautiful but the food was really expensive. I was scheduled to perform the shop the weekend after Christmas. I decided that I would give this to my better half for his Christmas present. Many people called me cheap and that I should be spending dollars for a Christmas present. Regardless, I took him to this lovely, expensive dinner and he really enjoyed it. Was I cheap or was I smart? You decide.

Just last week I applied for another evaluation to another gorgeous restaurant in East Fort Lauderdale in a lovely section of town. Another great and expensive restaurant. I have reservations for Friday. I am planning on giving this experience to my better half for Valentine's Day. Am I being cheap or am I being smart?

I like to believe I am being very, very clever.

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