Monday, May 21, 2007

Schooling thoughts - Monday

I have been thinking about how I can contribute more to my children's education especially for Kelly and Jack. So today I am starting something new and I hope I can stick to it. This morning I laid out a plan to school them after work. I want to call it Dual School. Kelly goes to school and gets a really good education there. When she comes home we will do a few things that will provide her with a more home education. For example, here is what we will do today.

4-4:30 she will help me make mini muffins for tomorrow morning breakfast.
4:30 - 5:30 she will work on some selected pages of her Kumon math workbook, addition skills.
5:30 - 9:00 - she will be with my at the baseball field. Ryan has a baseball game and Kevin has practice. I will bring leggos so she and Jack can build and play together. I will also bring a soccer ball so she can work on her soccer skills. At the park we are also going to work on tying her shoes. She has mastered the first part of the shoe tying. We are going to work on the second part (loops) but it's been difficult for her because her fingers just don't go where I want them to. I am going to attempt to shoe Jack how to put his sandals on as well.

Jack's schedule will be similar. I will have him watch us make muffins and give him a snack to eat while he watches us. I will also read one of his Dora books while Kelly does her math. Ditto with Jack for the baseball game.

I will also need to help Ryan with his math so I will do that while making muffins. He has a math final exam this week.

I have decided to be more restrictive on the basics that I expect from Kevin and Ryan. They are expected to shower once a day at least and brush teeth at least twice a day (hey they are teenagers so they not always have these things on their to-do list). They are expected to put their clothes away and make their beds. They have to turn off all the lights in their room as well as the TV. They also need to hang up the bathroom towels. They have not quite mastered those habits so once they have mastered them I can start handing out other chores such as table setting, table clearing, dishwashing, and others I am sure I will think of.

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