Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jack loves to eat dirt

I am not sure why Jack loves to eat dirt. Maybe he is in touch with our earth and the environment. Maybe it's because when he first started doing it we laughed and got grossed out. I realized that he is the only one of my children who has ever done this. Come to think of it there are many things that Jack does that my other kids have never done. Take cuddling for example. He loves to snuggle his head in your neck and cuddle. None of the others particularly liked to do this. They all preferred to kiss and run. Jack loves to stand on tables too. I think he is part child, part cat. It's a trait I have never gotten used to. He is definitely unique.

The funny part about having 4 kids is that while none of them are exactly alike, they each resemble each other in slightly different ways. Although when it comes to Kevin and Ryan, I think the only commonality between them is that they both like to fight and pick on each other. DREAD!

Oh I thought of one definite thing they all do have in common. They all have a mom who loves them with all of her heart.

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