Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I must be doing something right

Yesterday Ryan was telling me about how he is not hanging around in school so much with one of his best friends. I asked him what happened to make him decide that and he told me that this friend "Jimmy" is starting to hang around bad kids and lying to his parents. I told him that was fine with me and probably a pretty good decision on his part. I thought about that later on (I can be slow at the wheel so it took me a while to digest just what he was telling me). I realized that actually he made a really good decision about his own well being. He didn't want to get involved in someone who was making bad decisions so he has decided to hang around only the good kids who are serious students. That made me feel proud and I told him so.

Sometimes I wonder if they are learning the things I am trying to teach them. So many times it seems like they are not paying attention or are distracted or that they think they know it all. I keep teaching them and sometimes I wonder.....do they really hear me. Then when they do something like Ryan's decision with his friend I feel reassured that they are actually listening. They are really listening to me!

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