Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's getting hard to get married

I made a phone call to our church yesterday to find out what it will take for me and Greg to be married by our priest. I was forced to talk to the lady who coordinates the marriages/weddings. I had no idea where to start since I don't want a wedding. I just want a priest to marry us. We had a wedding 5 years ago. I want to close this open loop in my life.

As soon as I got on the phone with her she seemed so impatient with me. I explained to her my situation and that I didn't really want a wedding ceremony but rather an appt with the priest so that he could marry us officially. After all, it's not about the ceremony is it...rather about the marriage. So I thought.

She told me that I had to have some type of ceremony. Why, I thought. I listened further and she said that if it was going to be just us and witnesses that we can do something in the small chapel inside the church. Fine was how I responded. She told me all the paperwork that I needed....copy of annulment certficate, baptism certificates, and other paperwork that I have to fill out. My plan is to set a date sometime in June because Fr. O'Reilly will be in Ireland for most of July. I also prefer Fr O'Reilly because Greg really likes him and that pleases me.

This piece of unfinished business will finally be closed.

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