Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Marriage part 2

I went to St. David this morning to pick up the paperwork to start the process for getting married in the church. The last I spoke with the coordinator she said that we had to make an appt with Fr O'Reilly and we had to do it in the chapel. I said that was fine. She mentioned to me that since Fr O'Reilly goes away for July that we might want to do it in June so that we get him before he leaves. I said that was fine with me. I told her I would make any date available so whatever date was best for him would be good with me. I reiterated this today when I went into the office to file the paperwork. She then informs me that she was referring to June 2008! I must have had a surprised look on my face because I wasn't asking for a ceremony or mass. What I wanted was what they call a "convalidation of an existing union." Fancy words for "marriage without the ceremony."

***Side bar*** Prior to me taking these steps I had asked the coordinator of weddings if it was possible to have something simple in Fr O'Reilly's office. We would have two witnesses and only our children would need to be there. She told me no that was not possible.

So back to today. When she mentioned 2008, she then looked back in the calendar and glanced over June (2007!) calendar for Fr.O'Reilly and notices that he has June 23 wide open. No weddings, no baptisms. Just at that time he walks by her office and she calls him in. (By the way I have never seen him out of collar so when I saw him with a golf shirt, shorts and boat shoes I giggled inside). She tells him that I want a convalidation of existing union and would June 23 be a good day for him. He says in a hefty Irish voice "Let's do it now...where is the lad? (referring to Greg)" I let out a big laugh. Of course Greg wasn't there. I didn't bring him because the coordinator told me I couldn't do it the easy way in his office like I originally asked!

Anyway to make a long story short Fr O'Reilly says to me (in his Irish tone once again) "Come on the 23rd, whatever time you want and let's get this done and then you can have a nice lunch afterward".

So June 23rd is the official date of convalidation.

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