Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Am Ready...I Think

I am officially finished with my half marathon training. With the exception of a few short runs this week, I am resting my weary legs from that 10 mile run last weekend. Therefore, there is nothing really new to post anymore regarding my training.

That said, I wanted to take a few minutes to say what an incredible family I have. They have been so super supportive of me over this time. It has meant so much to me. Many, many times during these past many months I have thought I should quit. I recall several days where I just felt I would never run past 2 miles. Luckily, my better half was there to encourage me and make me feel better. If it weren't for him, I would have never been able to run in the evenings or early mornings which was when I did most of my runs. I know there were times when it was difficult leaving him with all four kids to handle while I went out to run.

And then there is the rest of my family. My kids have been hugely supportive from the start always giving me high-fives when I come back from a long run. They are all so excited for Saturday to get here (or maybe that was the promise of visiting the Magic Kindgom that makes them happy). My brothers and their wives have been so incredibly supportive helping to encourage me and give me advice. Some of them will be there on Saturday to cheer me on. That means a great deal to me...more so than I can express. I got a card in the mail yesterday from someone special to me wishing me good luck. It made me cry because I guess we all take for granted how much we all mean to each other. My Dad has been a great support too. His only comment to me is "please be really careful...don't overdo it." Such a sweet dad!

I have never liked being the center of attention. I am really uncomfortable at my own birthday parties and don't like people watching me open up a gift. I just don't like the spotlight at all. I would rather give the attention than receive the attention. Last year at this time I went up to Disney to watch both of my younger brothers run this race and that was great fun for me. This year it will be me that they come to see. And while it is a bit uncomfortable for me to accept this spotlight, I will do so graciously because I am sure that everyone around me loves to give attention as much as I do.

In just 48 short hours I hope to be crossing that finish line. And when I do I hope to relish in the accomplishment and carry it through to my next endeavor.

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