Friday, January 4, 2008

Countdown to Disney

A little over a week left until 13.1 miles. It's hard to believe I am almost there. It almost seems surreal. My final long run is tomorrow and it will be 10 miles which is my personal longest. It's been a long, tough road. I remember in the beginning after a 2 mile run and not being able to go any further and coming back home and crying my eyes out. I was so fearful that I would never make it this far. After that day I decided to pay more attention to why I was not achieving the results I needed and changed my regiment. I decided to never run on a full stomach any more and that was the key.

Since then I made certain to run on an empty stomach which did wonders for my stamina and endurance. I prefer to run at night but I tried it in the morning a few times and did pretty well. I have been maintaining 4 miles as my base run and when I feel like going further on any given day, I do so.

I am so excited for next Saturday.

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