Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What's A Name

My good friend Corey wrote an interesting post in her blog regarding your birth name.

I decided to try the test to see how many people in the US share my same name. I used my maiden name as the test and found that 419 people share in my name. Corey feels connected to her name but I don't. In fact I have always wanted to have a different name. Even though I am named for the St. Terese my nickname is Terry. I don't necessarily mind the nickname nor do I mind at all being named for a wonderful saint but I just don't understand why my parents decided to spell my nickname like a boy's name.

I have had my name spelled wrong so many times it would get very frustrating. I can't tell you how many letters over the years I have received addressed to Mr.

I don't like nicknames in general mainly because you have to always explain the nickname such as in school when I was new in a class I would have to tell them to call me Terry. Blech....that was always so awkward because half the time my name would get butchered.

Perhaps if my parents had not given me the nickname I would have felt better. This is why I decided that none of my kids would have names that would be shortened or altered mistakenly.

Finally, I didn't like the fact that my name was so common because I remember when I was in elementary school and there was a girl in school with my exact name. One day at an awards assembly my name was called for an award. I started to go up to get the award and that girl went up too. We both stared at each other and my teacher motioned to me that the award was going to the other girl. I felt like Charlie Brown at that moment and walked back to my seat.

I will never forget that and perhaps it is why I am not connected to my name.

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