Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Ramblings

I don't have any one topic to blog about today so there will be several topics I will touch on.

A Soccer Conversation With My Princess

We are watching soccer on TV

Her: I want to play soccer when I am 5 years old.
Me: Awesome. That will be so neat. You will have to remember to never touch the soccer ball with your hands unless you are the goalie.
Her: I know why you can't touch the ball.
Me: Why?
Her: Because if you touch the ball your hands will get DIRTY!

When Your Child Is Sick

Today I picked Jack up from school. He was very whiney but I was not sure why. It wasn't too much out of the norm for him. We got home and he suddenly wanted to be picked up. I picked him up and started walking him to my bedroom when all of a sudden he threw up all over me. When I say that this is the first time he had ever thrown up I am not exaggerating. This is the first time even when he was a baby. He rarely spit up either. I was really more shocked and knew this was not the norm for him. Naturally I did my best to clean up and took him over to the bath to clean up. Afterward I offered him a drink and he took it. He was laughing and watching TV on the couch. An hour had passed and no more vomiting and it was getting close to dinner so I offered him something to eat that would not be objectionable...crackers and plain cheerios. He accepted and ate them. I figure that if he was drinking and keeping it down and willingly eating cheerios that maybe he was feeling better. An hour later and he started to run a fever. I gave him some motrin and he then fell asleep in his chair eating his cheerios. I then held him for awhile and let him sleep in my arms and then set him up in his bed where he has been ever since. He has been sleeping soundly for about an hour. I just went in and checked on him and his temperature is down and we will spend the day together tomorrow at home.

Why is it that when our kids get sick, we moms feel sick too? I can't really speak for all moms but I can say that whenever one of my kids is sick I feel just as horrible. Maybe worse than they do. I feel that a lot is out of my control and if I just could take their illness away and put it on me I would gladly do so.

Hopefully tomorrow goes a bit better and then I won't feel so sick.

My Novena

I am saying a 27 day Novena. I happened to mention this to my older son while we were picking up my tween from Sunday School. Older son is going to Catholic High School and I have noticed that he is picking up a lot of information in his theology class. We discussed prayer and novenas in general. I didn't tell him why I was saying the novena but he was advising me that I should remember to pray all the times, not just when we are in need or that would be considered self-serving. I think that is true so I promised him that alongside my novena I would work very hard on more praying throughout the day and every day not just for myself but for others.


My company is going through yet another "realignment." In all honesty I have been through so many that I am too used to it to be nervous. I have never been worried about my job at all. I figure that if I lost it I would be able to find something new or perhaps work at home which would be heaven to me. If they kept me on that is fine too. But the not knowing is bad. We have been "not knowing" since June and that is a tad too long for a company realignment.

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