Friday, October 26, 2007

Heavy Heart

Tonight my heart is really heavy. Heavy for my co-workers and peers who did not survive our corporate "realignment." Some people I knew for many, many years. Most people were escorted out by security. Everyone I knew was a good employee. They did nothing wrong except be in a job that someone didn't fight hard enough for. Some of them have young children and families and homes. Some of them have spouses who need medical insurance because they are fighting cancer. Some are putting their kids through college. It never makes any sense to me. I ended up with my job intact. They didn't. I don't know who feels worse...them or me.

I never got to say goodbye to any of them. I just got to watch them walk down to the front desk, get their bad news and their pink packages, and only 5 minutes to grab their purses or car keys. They get escorted out by security because you never know if someone is going to be crazy and go postal. But many of them are my church-going friends who wouldn't hurt anybody. I am sure they are hurt tonight.

One woman was in my workshop that I taught last of the nicest ladies you will meet. I asked her if she was planning to retire anytime soon and she said no because her vested time would not give her full pension and benefits.

She was escorted out today. So sad.

There are many more...clerks who once answered my phone for me and who I love dearly. Some are engineers who I just spoke to the other day. Some are people I never worked with but would say hello to in the hallway. Gone.

It's a sad day because those of us who are left behind are left to do the jobs of the people who are gone. And they never got a proper send off. Pray for them because I hope that they go on to something much better. They all deserve it.

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