Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Plan for the unexpected

I try very hard in my life to be as organized as possible. It's really a must when you live the kind of life that I do...a full time working mom to 4 kids in 3 different schools and in 3 different after school activities including soccer, baseball, and CCD. I run my household, pay my bills, manage the investments, do the grocery shopping, exercise daily (almost), cook, clean, sew, do all of the laundry, and blog! Schedules and to-do lists are an essential part of my life. Which is why I don't take unexpected changes to easily. Here is an excerpt of a conversation I had with my family last night during dinner.

Me: It is so nice to sit down and relax eating dinner with my family.
Teen #1: Oh yeah that reminds me. Is Barnes and Noble open tonight?
Me: Probably. Why?
Teen #1: I need a book for school tomorrow.
Me: Egad. It's not in my schedule for tonight to go out to B&N. Oh well. I don't have a choice, do I?
Teen #2: Do I have CCD tomorrow?
Me: Yes, dear, you do.
Teen #2: Oh yeah we are having Halloween treats then. Oh and I forgot to tell you that I volunteered you to make chocolate chip cookies.
Me: Do they have to be homemade because I can buy the storebought ones and pretend I made them.
Teen #2: You CCCAAANNNN'TTT do that...I bragged to everyone how good you make these cookies!
Me: Ok, have to go out and buy ingredients...not on the schedule.
Teen #1: While you are out at the store, I need to bring in canned goods for our canned goods drive at school.
Me: I didn't know anything about this.
Teen #1: I forgot to tell you but we only have until tomorrow to get the canned good in on time.
Me: Why do I bother with schedules.

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