Sunday, October 28, 2007

My thoughts on paper

My head gets filled with so many gift basket ideas that I need a place to write them down. It seems obvious to blog and categorize them.

The ideas right now are in the basket products themselves. I love gift baskets and I love to make them but so many people and companies make gift baskets and so many of them look the same. My ideas are to make them look different...chic, posh, unique...maybe those are good keywords for a company name...have to work on that later.

I am really into the traditional look but I also love a more modern design like this..

Now keep in mind that I am a very amateur photographer so this picture does not do the gift justice but I just threw it together with some Halloween candy to see how this would stand up. I also used nesting boxes that I had laying around my house and the colors are really gross. I was trying out the architecture of this kind of style so I didn't care what the boxes looked like. But I have to say that I am totally loving nesting boxes. I found a place online that sells them really cheap and absolutely gorgeous. They fit in perfectly with my goals...unique and modern.

Some other ideas floating around in my head...The Fresh Market (which is a gourmet grocery store near my house) sells gift baskets with their merchandise in them but honestly they are not that pretty and very ho-hum. I have to get up the nerve to go in there and ask the gift manager if I can make his gift baskets for him. I don't know what I would say but part of me thinks I should just say it, sell myself and be confident. What's the worst he can

Christmas is coming and gift companies have their inventory and sales already going and for me I am still in the hobby stage and putting my ideas onto paper or blogging. I am giving some of them away for gifts and am so excited to put together a product line.

I would love to put together a total basket or maybe it would be a box (because gift boxes are so cute too) or maybe nesting boxes. So much to put down on paper such as my ideas, business plan, enhancement ideas (gift tags, wrappings, and unique bows).

My gifts need to make the recipient feel totally special like they are getting a gift that no one has right down to the gift tag, wrapping and bow. They need to feel like someone made it just for them. I would love to build a company based on that premise.

Next up...more ideas and also more finite answers on what I plan to call this business.

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