Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Update on my sad awards story

I got a few comments on the story that I told in the post below on my name especially from Corey and Cindy. I felt a lot of hugs from you all coming my way and I just felt it was only appropriate to let you know that while I did feel bad about having to walk away while the other girl got the award, the teacher did her best to keep it really discrete so not many others knew what was going on. I wasn't really embarrassed that I started up there to get the award but more angry that I wasn't the one getting the award.

Perhaps that is where my over-achieving began...who knows...but to this day I am totally competitive in that regard in a quiet sort of way. I really strive to do my best in my job even though I don't get any more pay out of it. I just like the ataboys and the smiles on others around me knowing I did an awesome job.

So don't feel too bad. I am certain the award story (and there are plenty more like those) shaped me into the person I am today and I am fairly satisfied with that.

Hugs back for the thoughtful comments and have a most awesome rest of the week!

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