Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Mommy Bracelet

I am really loving this old/new hobby of making jewelry. There is a pretty long history behind this passion ever since I was a little kid but ironically the hobby that I had really done since age 7 was cross stitch. I absolutely LOVED that hobby and did it up until I had my 4th baby. Unfortunately, life got too busy and chaotic to continue.

But it wasn't until I was looking for Christmas gifts for my nieces last year and couldn't find a thing for them that wasn't either ridiculously overpriced or had the words "Hannah Montana" on it. Jewelry was a great choice since all of them love jewelry in one form or another. I went on a hunt for the perfect pieces for ages 7-13 and came up with nothing. Either the stuff was too baby-ish or it was too "hoochy mama". I decided that what the world needed was some new jewelry. I set out on a mission to revive my old hobby.

I have made a few really cute pieces for my little princess so far and she loves them. One was a cute pair of earrings that all of the teachers are raving about at school. I love one of my latest pieces that I made for myself because it is what I call my "mommy" bracelet....which is made up of beautiful swarovski crystals in each of my kids' birthstones.

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