Thursday, March 27, 2008

Earrings Beware

**Warning as parts of this post are not for weak stomachs**

The other day I went to change my princess' earrings. I hadn't done so in a few weeks and figured it was time to change them and clean the lobes up really good. The first one came out with no problem but I did notice that the back of the earring was really pressed tight against her ear so there was some cleaning to do because of the dirt buildup. When I went to get the other earring that was a different story. Apparently the same thing happened on the other side where the back of the post pressed up against the earlobe. Only this time the earring back got lodged into the outer surfaces of her earlobe. I know....really GROSS! I couldn't get the back off. I tried a few times and then she started to wail. IT HURTSSSSSSSSSSS! It started to bleed and I started to panic. I couldn't get this earring off and the back of it is lost in her skin!

I didn't know what to do. It was Saturday morning at 8:00 am. It was the day before Easter. Her ear is bleeding and is a mess. My better half tried to get it. He couldn't either. By this time she was having a complete meltdown. (My princess is not exactly a tough cookie).

I think quickly. Her doctor's office is open on Saturday morning and if I wait any longer it will fill up quickly. I grab a jacket and we head out the door. Luckily we get there with only a few people in the waiting room and within 10 minutes we are with a doctor. Luckily she is a female doctor so I feel good that she will be understanding when I tell her how GUILTY I feel about this string of events.

Let's face it. It was MY idea to get her ears pierced last year. It was MY idea to buy the earrings that got lodged. It was ME who didn't think that we still had to turn them every day so this would not happen. It was ME who was too busy to pay attention to this little detail until it was too late. And now my princess might have to have that earring cut out. Lesson Learned. Take more time with your precious cargo and think and remember EVERYTHING!

When I explained what was wrong the doctor was very nice and patient and she didn't think it was a big deal. Let's face it. I cried more at this doctor visit than I have in all the other visits combined including the ones where shots were administered at 2 months of age.

The doctor got the earring out without too much complication and gave us a couple of antibiotics to soothe the area and make sure it doesn't get infected. After I finished saying a few prayers of thanks, we were on our way to get princess a chocolate covered donut that Daddy had promised.

Her ear has fully recovered and glad to say that the holes did not close up. We will be able to get earrings back in. But this time I will make them wire earrings and we will clean the areas every day.

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