Wednesday, May 28, 2008

High Cost of Groceries

Stop griping about the high cost of groceries and go here for some awesome BOGO deals starting today. Click on "weekly ad". Strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, ribs, chicken breasts, ice cream, cereal, milk, seafood, frozen veggies, canned goods (for hurricane season), pudding, cheese, chips, toilet paper! It's ALL ON SALE!

If you don't have the luxury of one of those stores in your area, click here for the best deals in your area. You won't regret the savings.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wanna smile just a little?

Go here and enjoy the sites. Richie's not too bad either.

Time For Mom

My life is usually as busy as Grand Central Station at rush hour. Though I am not complaining and believe I have mastered the art of organization, things still get rough at certain times of the day. Those times are mainly morning rush hour getting myself and all 4 kids ready for the day and off to 3 different schools and then evening as I pick all of them up, homework, sports, and dinner at 6.

When my first baby was born I remember just emersing myself into him. I subsequently had a second one two years later and then I was emersing myself into two small children. They became the center of my world, as they should have but I never knew how to balance their world and my world. I failed at it and that sent me into a terrifying depression that I believe was one of the many reasons that my marriage ended.

In retrospect it was not my children's fault. It was my fault. I didn't have the skills or tools or the knowledge to recognize the problems and fix them. I paid the price (and still am paying) but I like to think I learned something along the way about how to call "time out".

I believe there is nothing wrong with calling on your kids, spouse and family for help. I believe that there is nothing wrong with mommy time whether it is mommy taking a nice long walk, exercising, shopping, reading alone, getting a pedicure, or whatever it is that regenerates your senses and helps to clear your head.

It's not selfish. It's necessary. Taking care of your spouse, children and family is a demanding job regardless if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom. Being Wonder Woman is a myth and a fantasy, in my humble opinion. I have tried it and it didn't work. The expense was and is too great.

I admit to my kids and to myself that I cannot DO IT ALL and I admit to them that I am a human being filled with faults and imperfections. I remind them that I try to make the best decisions based on the love that I feel for them and what I believe is for their well being. But nothing is perfect and if I screw up, I will be the first to admit it.

I try to communicate the best that I can. I try to admit I am sorry. I pray every day that I be the best that I can be and the best that God wants me to be. I pray for forgiveness. I tell my children and spouse that I love them dearly. I kiss and hug all of them as much as I can.

Spend time with your family but also take some time to spend with yourself.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And The Winner Is.....

I love this show. I really do. In fact sometimes I watch it at midnight because it comes on at 8:00 pm just at the height of rush hour traffic in my house. But I have never missed a show and every week voted for my favorite, Jason Taylor.

Watch for yourself to see who came away with the disco ball trophy.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Peanut Butter

HT: Cindy and Publix who is running a BOGO sale on this stuff.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Poop-ie In The Potty

You know you are far gone when the words "Mommy come see my poop-ie in the potty" bring on the greatest excitement of the day!

We are far far into this potty training and pleased to say that it has been a nice success so far. Many accidents but I am following my own advice nicely and it's the reason why my stress level has been pretty low so far.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Look Mom, No More Braces

We Interrupt This Program....

I was watching an online feed from a reporter on site of those horrible Central Florida wildires. My brother and his family are living up there really close. Anyway, the report was giving an update and since I work for the power company in that area I was interested in hearing any updating power company news and news on my brother and his family.

About 30 seconds into the story, the reporter PICKS UP A DOWNED POWER LINE! Now I don't usually scream in all caps on my blog except when it involves something like this. If that power line had been energized, we would have probably witnessed an electrocution on live TV. Coincidentally a co-worker saw it too and called the TV station to let him know what he just saw from the reporter. He suggested the reporter get back on TV and make a disclaimer that you are to never touch a downed power line and that what she did was wrong and dangerous.

Not only didn't they make that disclaimer later in the program but they repeated the same mistake on the early morning broadcast with a different reporter! It's the worst kind of irresponsible journalism ever!

Anyway since I have a blog that has maybe a few visits I feel it would be responsible blogging to post my own PSA. So here is my PSA.


I hope that was a strong enough message. But I am serious. Here is what most people don't understand. Many power lines that lay on the ground look unthreatening. They are usually not sparking or making hissing noises. They look lifeless. Therefore must be de-energized.

Not necessarily true.

A lot of times when the power goes out, generators will start up. If the power line is configured a certain way and a generator is hooked up a certain way, a feedback can occur. That feedback of power going back through the power line can be created by the very generators that are running inside a home or business. So the de-energized power line can actually become re-energized by the generator.

So there you have it. Your power lesson for the day. Oh, and before you go please do me a favor and help me spread the message and tell everyone and anyone what I just told you about downed power lines.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Look Mom, No More Diapers

How To Maintain Sanity While Potty Training

I have been through this 3 times in my life and about to go through the 4th. I don't think it has gotten any easier and I wonder why not. I mean you would think I would have learned something from the first kid and then had taken that to second but it's strange. All kids are not created equal (at least in their minds) so they all take to the potty differently. The worst so far has been my little princess. Geez, I am ready to wager money that she will be having accidents when she gets into high school!

But I am different now. This is my last one. I want to go out with a bang. I want to pay attention. I don't want to be stressed out over the usual daily accident or poopy pants. I want to enjoy this experience....I know it's hard to imagine enjoying the wild smell of poopy underwear. But it is nice to see the joy on a child's face when he has accomplished something like going pee pee potty.

So now I share my tips on how to make pee-pee potty just a little less stressful.

1. Always have a box of wipes in all of the bathrooms. This makes cleanup much easier.

2. The hardest part about pee-pee potty is taking short trips away from the house. Be prepared and that will take the stress away.

3. Don't ever leave the house without wipes and at least 3 changes of shorts and underwear. Always carry a few ziploc bags with you in case there is a pee-pee accident. You can put the soiled underwear right in there.

4. Put a small towel down in the car seat in case of a wet accident.

5. When you are at home set a timer every 30 minutes that will remind you of pee-pee time.

6. When there is an accident, and there will be many, don't worry. You can clean the floor and even the carpet. I have found that toddler pee-pee doesn't stain or smell horribly so it isn't a real big deal. Just buy a standard carpet cleaning spot remover and that should do the trick.

7. Let your child watch you go pee-pee. I know this sounds really gross but they need to see how it is done. When they master it, then you can talk to them about privacy and closing the door.

8. Never forget to teach them about washing their hands. So important.

9. Let them be a part of the whole process including buying their underwear. Let them pick out the kinds that they like with their favorite characters. Let them enjoy owning their underwear.

Well, that is it for my pee-pee potty tips and tricks. If you all have any to add, please send me a comment and I will be sure to post everything you send me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

This Is So Funny

Do you think you could do this?

Please Somebody Clone Me!

Have you ever really wanted to be in two places at one time? Well, today is that day for me. You see, I have to take one of my teens to the doctor because he has a really bad-looking (ok let's face's downright pukey looking) rash on his leg and it's not getting better. I called the doctor and she suggested going in to take a look.

At the same time I would be picking up my oldest from school. I LOVE picking him up from school. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Why do I love it so much? Well, because one day he won't need me to do it. One day he will want to do it himself. One day he might choose to go home with a friend or ***dread*** girlfriend. One day he will graduate and no longer need my assistance. Better than that is the way I watch him walk to the car - not yet a full grown man, no longer my little baby- and I watch him laughing with his friends. I watch him carry his books. I watch him. I just watch him and remember how it was when he was in kindergarten.

Today my better half will get the pleasure of picking him up and I will miss it for this one day. I will be back tomorrow but I will feel bad that I missed today.

I could have changed the dr appt time but that would have meant that my little rash boy would have to miss even more school than he needs to. But I will be back in that pickup line tomorrow. Nothing is going to stop me tomorrow.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Latest Obsession

My better half will just have to get used to me watching youtube until the next tour.

Making an Appt with Mom

I cannot imagine being a child and having to make an appointment to spend time with my mother. I often wonder what the point of that is.....and does that make one "Mother of the Year?"

Duggar expecting baby 18

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Are You Doing For Mother's Day

I have never liked or wanted any material gifts for Mother's Day. Call me wierd but all I really want this Mother's Day is to spend time with my family..maybe by the pool or having a nice lunch and dinner with my kids. No fighting. No bickering. No iPods. No playstation.

I don't ask for much because I don't need much and whatever I do need I usually buy myself. Luckily my salary allows me to do that.

The other day though my princess told me that she knows what she is going to do for me for Mother's Day and I asked her what that was and she replied "On Mother's Day I am going to call YOU princess." You gotta love that.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I intend to do something really nice for the teachers at my kids' schools. More on that later.

My princess came home with her usual homework paper and we enjoyed working on it together. I let her do most of it with myself giving some general guidance. Other than that I think she is hitting her milestones nicely. I can't complain because most of what she does is not pushed hard by me. Rather she is the one who is thirsty to learn and much more eager than I ever expected.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Speaking of Bon Jovi....

My last blog entry raised some questions so here are the answers...

1. Did I take the photos? No I did not take the pictures. A co-worker of mine who I ran into at the concert took them.
2. Was I really that close? Yes I was only a few rows behind my co-worker so I was seeing what she was seeing.

Back to my continued obsession with Jon Bon Jovi. I have always loved this band even back to the hair days of the '80s when I was in college. I was always secretly jealous that I couldn't get my hair to look like this....

so it goes without saying that since their Bounce tour in 2002 and 2003, I have been attending every concert that has come to my area (4 total!). It is one of the few rock-n-roll bands that I feel I can take my kids to go see. No bad words. No indiscretions. Just lots of singing, dancing, and drooling. My better half asked me if I had the chance to do anything with Jon Bon Jovi, what would it be?

In all honesty, I would just want to sit down and talk to him. Really! I would ask him all sorts of questions about his music such as "Was his breakup to Diane Lane the inspiration to You Give Love A Bad Name?". I would also ask him who he was singing to in the hit "I'll Be There For You." I would ask him about his family and his kids and his wife and what is Richie Sambora really like. I would ask him about his skin care regimen and what products he uses in his hair and how does he pick out his wardrobe. I would ask him how he gets all of that energy before a concert and what gave him the confidence to start a band when he was a teenager? I would ask him what time he goes to bed and what he eats for dinner.

Ok. I would ask him just about everything!

But since I am a realist and understand that this opportunity might not ever come around, I might as well keep memories like this alive in my head.

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