Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How To Maintain Sanity While Potty Training

I have been through this 3 times in my life and about to go through the 4th. I don't think it has gotten any easier and I wonder why not. I mean you would think I would have learned something from the first kid and then had taken that to second but it's strange. All kids are not created equal (at least in their minds) so they all take to the potty differently. The worst so far has been my little princess. Geez, I am ready to wager money that she will be having accidents when she gets into high school!

But I am different now. This is my last one. I want to go out with a bang. I want to pay attention. I don't want to be stressed out over the usual daily accident or poopy pants. I want to enjoy this experience....I know it's hard to imagine enjoying the wild smell of poopy underwear. But it is nice to see the joy on a child's face when he has accomplished something like going pee pee potty.

So now I share my tips on how to make pee-pee potty just a little less stressful.

1. Always have a box of wipes in all of the bathrooms. This makes cleanup much easier.

2. The hardest part about pee-pee potty is taking short trips away from the house. Be prepared and that will take the stress away.

3. Don't ever leave the house without wipes and at least 3 changes of shorts and underwear. Always carry a few ziploc bags with you in case there is a pee-pee accident. You can put the soiled underwear right in there.

4. Put a small towel down in the car seat in case of a wet accident.

5. When you are at home set a timer every 30 minutes that will remind you of pee-pee time.

6. When there is an accident, and there will be many, don't worry. You can clean the floor and even the carpet. I have found that toddler pee-pee doesn't stain or smell horribly so it isn't a real big deal. Just buy a standard carpet cleaning spot remover and that should do the trick.

7. Let your child watch you go pee-pee. I know this sounds really gross but they need to see how it is done. When they master it, then you can talk to them about privacy and closing the door.

8. Never forget to teach them about washing their hands. So important.

9. Let them be a part of the whole process including buying their underwear. Let them pick out the kinds that they like with their favorite characters. Let them enjoy owning their underwear.

Well, that is it for my pee-pee potty tips and tricks. If you all have any to add, please send me a comment and I will be sure to post everything you send me.

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