Sunday, November 11, 2007

Marathon Update - 5 mile long run

AAAGGGHHHH!!! is the best way to describe this treachery. I am so NOT a morning runner. I am not even a runner at all. I run and I am training for a half marathon but that does not in any way qualify me to be a runner.

My program is going along smoothly and I am getting in about 15-18 miles each week. This past week was progressive and I am finally getting into my stride which is a very confident 10:00 mile pace. Which means that if I can keep it up on an average during the actual race, the officials might not pick me up for being too slow. My biggest fear is having Mickey Mouse approach me and say "um, ma'am, the race was over 8 hours ago. Your family is looking for you."

I run so much better at night but my long run was today and I have to be somewhere tonight which means I had to do my long run this morning. Dread. That means I have to run while the sun is coming up and I am not liking that. I did it...5 miles...but I had to walk 1/2 mile because the sun was beating down on me and I did not bring drink with me. But I made it through in true "Bruce" fashion to the tune of "Born to Run".

More updates next week as I work to increase my weekly total to 20 miles.

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