Friday, November 9, 2007

The High Road

I have heard a lot of expressions in my life regarding the high road but the high road has always been a confusing place for me.

First of all, I have never understood what it meant to say that the high road is paved with good intentions. Maybe I am just not a literary and I don't understand hidden meanings. Whatever.

I CAN tell you that the high road is a very lonely place. It's so lonely in fact that I frequently find myself walking it alone. Sometimes when I am walking down it I am crying. Sometimes I am laughing and happy. Sometimes I am extremely frustrated too. But most of the times I am quite lonely.

As a believer in God, I often ask myself why is it that he chooses to make the high road a lonely place, at least for me. I was raised in an environment where I was taught to walk down this road often yet so many times I felt alone during my walks with no one to talk to me or help me to solve my deepest problems.

Yet I am 42 years old and still taking this lonely road day after day after day. I am certain that my faith has a lot to play into this. Perhaps God is with me on this road and I am never really alone. Perhaps this is an area I need to work on because so many days I feel little strength on this road. I feel a lot of forces trying to beat me down off of the high road yet I struggle to stay on it. Many times I succeed in staying on it but not usually without a fight.

Why is the high road such a hard place to walk? I am not sure and may never figure it out. For anyone out there who struggles with the decision on whether or not to take this high road, you should because then we can walk it together.

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