Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marathon Training...what's the big deal?

According to my blog, it is 67 days until I run in the Disney Half Marathon. I am excited about it. I am training for it. I am up to running 4 miles each day and working to increase by 1 mile each week for the next 8 weeks until I am up to my full 13 miles that I need. Last night I did my 3.5 mile goal and I felt like I could have gone another 3 miles. I felt really great. The temperature at night has dropped to the 60s and low humidity and I hardly broke a sweat.

I have gone to many websites where marathoners are training right now and discussing all kinds of strategies. I feel a little bad because I don't really have a strategy. I am using a really good novice half-K program that I found on the internet and it seems to be working. Every additional mile I run seems to be a little bit easier than the last.

I am not taking this goal lightly. Marathon running is NOT easy by any means and one really needs to be in general good physical condition. I am believing that the race will probably be more of a mind over matter when the actual day really comes and when I reach mile 10 and struggle to go that last 3.

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