Monday, December 3, 2007

The Savings Are Ridiculous....


In case you haven't been following my grocery gamehere is a brief summary of the game.

You go to this website and sign up for a $1 month trial. You get rock bottom price lists for the stores you sign up for (local grocery stores and pharmacies). Read the rules and get really good at reading the lists for deals. Clip coupons. Repeat this week after week and watch the savings add up.

Today was yet again a record week for me. With a $100 grocery and CVS budget each week, I am constantly aiming to hit the budget or go below it. This week there will be very little grocery shopping because the list is not that big and my pantry and refrigerator are both fully stocked. I predict a total bill of $20. Today was a huge CVS day though because of the huge outstanding sales this week along with some great items for stockpile replenishment and the offering of a lot of extra-care bucks. Here is how I ended up...

Total retail price of all items in my cart was approximately $98. Some of the items in my cart included the following:

2 big boxes of Pampers diapers
3 cases of soda
1 - gallon of milk
3 - 2 quart bottles of gatorade
1 - deodorant
2 boxes of pringles potato chips
1 - 40 oz refill body soap container
1 case of Bounty paper towels
1 - sudoku puzzle book

Total amount out of pocket was $48 after the discounted prices, clipped coupons, register coupons and rolling extra-care bucks. I also earned approximately $25 in extra care bucks which really puts me at a huge savings for the month because I will roll those $25 extra bucks into my savings next week. I love the rolling, rolling, rolling.

All in all this week will be another great week as I will have spent $68 and earned back $25. I love this game.

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