Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lucky Number 8

I decided to interview myself regarding my weekly long run which is up to 8 miles this week. Here is the interview in its entirety.

Reporter Me: So how did you feel after the run?
Runner Me: Like crap. No, seriously, I felt pretty good considering it was a morning run.
Reporter Me: How far did you go?
Runner Me: Don't know. Don't care. (8 miles)
Reporter Me: Which part was the most difficult?
Runner Me: The part where I started and the part where I ended and everything in between.
Reporter Me: How long did it take?
Runner Me: Don't know. Don't care. (1.5 hours)
Reporter Me: What is your long term goal for the half coming up?
Runner Me: To finish without dying.
Reporter Me: What are you going to eat after this long run?
Runner Me: Well, I was all set to each a banana until I realized that my family ate all of my bananas on top of yummy pancakes while I was out running.
Reporter Me: Are you happy you decided to go for this goal?
Runner Me: Of course I am. I love torture.

On to next week: 9 miles

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