Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduation Day

Last Friday was my oldest baby boy's high school graduation. Of course he is no longer my baby boy standing at 5'9" tall. But he is my baby just the same.

He is my first born so to me that will always be something special. When he was born I went through all of the same thoughts that I am sure every mom goes through. Such as....

How much will I be in love with him?

or will he get along with his siblings?

or how special will it be on his First Holy Communion?

or how will I cope with his injuries?

or what kind of sports will he play?

or who will he take to the prom?

or how will I feel when I see him in his cap and gown?

They truly grow right before your eyes and every wonderment I have is followed by a wonderful memory. With my new graduate I feel blessed to have stockpiled 18 years of these memories. Congratulations to my boy and to all of the graduates and moms out there who survived all of the questions with beautiful answers.

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