Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Darn Facebook

It's all facebook's fault. I used to blog constantly and loved every minute of it. I loved documenting my life and posting some cute pictures of my family and life. I even managed to attract 50 or so readers!

But then facebook came along and changed all that. My blogging had dwindled down to random status updates and pictures loaded up via my blackberry. I moved into a new era with a different kind of reader. It was easy and with my hectic life with 4 kids on the run, it was also very convenient.

But I always look back at this revelation with sadness. I enjoyed writing my thoughts down in more than 200 characters. I like blog posts because they seem to be good at connecting my words and stories with pictures and links. Blog posts are meaningful.

In my busy life is there room for both? I ponder this all the time. In fact I have visited it so much that I have about 10 unfinished blog posts that I promise myself I will get to just after that last facebook and twitter update of the evening. Then I forget and the post would just sit there unfinished and undone.

When I look back at the couple of years of undone posts I think of what has happened in my life in that time...my oldest getting ready to graduate high school next week, daughter making her First Holy Communion

baseball seasons

first days of school, dance recitals...so much that I didn't blog about.

I vow to myself that I am going to start anew...blog more about my trials and tribulations because looking back on those times makes me laugh and I feel happy to share my laughter and good times with the few readers who happen to find my writing amusing.

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