Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Coach Purse

I had a stage moms meeting yesterday at my princess' dance studio for the upcoming recital. I love volunteering for this. Anyway, the meeting last about 30 minutes and there were about 50 moms there.

When I came home my better half asks me how it went and were there any dumb questions asked (long story for another day). I said "No but there were at least 7 Coach purses there."

I don't know why I am fascinated with the Coach purse but it seems that wherever I go I have to count how many I see. (It reminds me of when I was a kid and wanted to buy a Camaro when I got older so I decided to count Camaros during the course of any given day). Anyway, I am into counting Coach purses.

What is it about the Coach purse that everyone has to have one? They are pretty, indeed, but $400-$800 pretty? When I think that the money to buy one is equivalent to the cost of one month tuition at my son's high school, I shudder. I see so many people with them. I see a lot of people with them who I KNOW cannot afford them. So what is it?

I decided to wander into a Coach store at my local mall one afternoon. I had one of my teens with me who also indicated he was not sure why the Coach purse was so popular. So inside the store we went. First stop was the section with coin purses, you know, those little tiny purses that are so small that you can't even put credit cards or bills in...they literally only hold coins. It went for $250. I had to scream out "WHAT?" My teen echoed "that's equal to three pairs of D.Wade shoes" which in my opinion are ridiculously over-priced.

Anyway back to the Coach store. I tell my teen that if he thought the $250 coin purse was expensive maybe we should wander on to the regular purses as I am sure we would get an eyeful. Sure enough those were double and triple the cost of the little cheap coin purse.

I then looked around and did a double take. The store was mobbed with people seeking out these purses and I scratch my head to figure out why.

So until I can figure it out, I will continue to count them and marvel in what makes this purse so special.

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